MadDogMike's Tiki Calendars
for 1961 (2017) and 1973 (2018)

These downloadable tiki calendars were created by MadDogMike for the benefit of all Tiki Central members.  Note that the vintage calendar years correspond exactly to modern years as shown, but are not displayed on the calendars for vintage goodness reasons - and to confound your friends, family, and co-workers.  But we all know how the secret decoding works.  (Shhhh!  It's a secret!)

For the most realistic calendar, print it double-sided "along the long edge" on index stock.  Then have it spiral- or GBC-bound to open up and work like any other calendar.  If you do this then each monthly calendar grid should appear on the lower page with a vintage photo above it.  BONUS - January of the next year is included!

Cheers and mahalo!   --Mike

Document Title Revision Date PDF
MadDogMike's Tiki Calendar for 1961 (2017) 5/11/2017 Download
MadDogMike's Tiki Calendar for 1973 (2018) 11/1/2017 Download

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