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Sidetrackers Photo Gallery
Photos are Posted on our Meetup.com Site


You will be automatically re-directed to our Meetup photo page after 60 seconds.

Gallery photos on our Meetup.com site are posted with the implied consent of the participants.

Sidetrackers photos may be posted by trip leaders, participants, club members and guests at Meeup.com and to various other social media sites.  If you do not want to be included in a Photo Gallery, please contact the person who posted the photos at whatever site you are viewing.  We care about your personal privacy however Sidetrackers may not have any control over photos posted to various social media sites.

Do you have photos to share?  Photo submission tips are at the bottom of this page.


Photo Submission Tips and Suggested Guidelines

1.  If you don't read these tips, then please at least look at and follow the samples in #4 below.

2.  Photos which are consistent with our club's orientation and preference for outdoor activities are most enjoyed by site visitors.  This means that landscape, scenic, group activity shots, etc. are good, but photos from a trip or activity which is not really an outdoor-centered activity or event are not as desirable.  Use good judgment here.

3.  When you submit photos from digital cameras, please note that you should try to crop and re-size your photos first, if possible.  If you absolutely can't do this, then please ask and we can do it for you.  Pictures are posted at a maximum of 600 pixels wide.  When editing your photos, try to save to JPG format only ONCE if possible and as the very last step of your photo editing session.  This is important because every time you save a photo in JPG format your image is compressed and some image quality is lost.  (This does not apply to the newer lossless "PNG" format which we support but which also takes up significantly more space.)  Visit our Contacts page and ask Frank or Ray for more information or if you would like some help.

4.  Photo file names should not contain spaces.  Using underscores or dashes for file name spacing, if spacing is desired, works well.  Photo file names should begin with a two-digit sequence number so that you determine the order in which your photos will be shown.  (Otherwise your photos will be posted in alphabetical order due to the time which would be required for us to create and assemble your photos into a chronological story.)  Some examples of web-ready file names are:

       01_Dave_Falling_Out_Of_Canoe.jpg    and    02_Dave_Putting_On_Dry_Clothes.jpg

    03DaveBeingLaughedAtByHisFriends.jpg  and  04DaveGivesUpAndTakesUpBowling.jpg

5.  Please try to be kind and avoid overloading our email boxes with high-resolution (very large) photos.  Sometimes we travel and don't check email on a daily basis, and large photo files can cause our email boxes to fill up and cause other email messages to bounce and that's not very nice.  Thanks.

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